Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Final Piece/Collaboration :)


Having already made our final piece I'm very excited on how we're going to exhibit it?  As we've spoken about we're going to do a small installation under it with the debris from each of our days of the Royal wedding.  I thought I'ld post this photo I took as inspiration as I have some really nice paper chain from my day and maybe we could make and arch over the top of it?  Something to think about but I don't think we can fully decide until the day.  P.S I have a red carpet!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Knitted Dolls.

I found this pictures of Royal wedding Knitted dolls people have made, I think theyre brilliant, Kinda makes the wedding seem a bit humorous!

Group meeting tomorrow

Hey girls - I took a picture of the stuff I will bring tomorrow to our group meeting! That's all I've got! The bottle in the middle looks quite royal I think!? I'm looking forward to get it started :) So see you tomorrow

Mexican shrine insperation, we could do a Royal Wedding shrine?

The cover of Brownout's debut, Homenaje – Spanish for "homage" – preserves a traditional Mexican shrine with many of the group's inspirations, among them old vinyl LPs, a wrestling action figure, and a bottle of Buchanan's Scotch whisky.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Life in a box...I love this idea...maybe we could do 24hours of the Royal Wedding in a box like this?
I think this is the idea and concept we were all talking about?  What do you think?

Kerene Hawley-Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?’
 W. H. Davies   (Leisure.)

As someone who has re-discovered her passion for art, Kerene has come to realise and appreciate the importance of this quote in her life. Having been a Primary School teacher for twenty years, Kerene re-trained and has embarked on her new career in the Fine Art world.
She enjoys adding textural and sculptural elements to her paintings, which are often inspired by seasonal changes in nature, from the hidden treasures of an Autumn woodland to the shingle beaches and turning tides of the Kent coastline where she now lives. Her use of colour is also temporal ... focussing on ‘warm’ browns and reds to ‘cooling’ blues and greens.
Artists that inspire her range from Van Gogh and Klimt to the sculptural works of Antony Gormley, David Nash and the photography of Andy Goldsworthy and Joe Cornish.
‘I have been lucky enough to have seen beautiful and intriguing works of art and places of great historical interest in France, Austria and Turkey. In my travels, home and abroad, I have learned to take time to stand, stare, question and admire the world around me and reflect this in my practise.’

Box frame art-as discussed in group

A collection of small box frames; setting scenes and capturing moments with suggestive imagery.


Assuming that the mug is a genuine error, and not a spoof or publicity stunt, it may prove to be something of an investment. Whilst Royal memorabilia which is advertised as such and sold on mass rarely increases in value, editions which have to be withdrawn may be worth a little more.

Spoof or genuine...Harry would be my prince!!!!lol

It would appear the worlds going mad for Royal Wedding memrabelia...

Inspiring Etch A sKETCH

Their faces have been captured on mugs, plates, tea towels - and even in Lego - now it's the turn of an Etch A Sketch whizz to pay a royal wedding tribute to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The portrait was created by artist George Vlosich, using the retro toy which originates from the late 1950s.

The likeness took 80 hours to draw with two dials on a plastic frame – all using one unbroken black line.

Graffiti on the streets of London

Graffiti on the streets of London marks the excitement surrounding the Royal Wedding  April 29th 2011!  This younger generation of street artists have taken this opportunity to speak their own and the public's piece of mind.  For or against this Patriotic event?  No one can disagree that the creativity effort people are putting in on the run up to the event is spectacular by no means!      


look what is going around in internet and has reached me

Monday, 9 May 2011

Street party with Martin Parr

On Royal Wedding day I discovered this absolutely brilliant traditional English thing- Street Parties!! there were around 5000 street parties across the UK. And it happened to be in one, same as British photographer Martin Parr.


This piece by Angela moll, a textile artist, is an example how someone has used different diary entires and put them together, might be worth bearing in mind when we put our recordings together..

"The text records the flow of thoughts and the meandering of attention as I write on the screen with fabric dye. Each fabric page is a layering of different entries, the superimposition of a day onto the next one. I use the collaged and stitched diary fragments to speak about intimacy, communication, as well as privacy and isolation."

Royal wedding Art.

I found this site , Pictures of Royal wedding art works, thought it might be interesting for us to look at how other people have covered the sunject before we make our installtion